Turning Illegals Into Patriots?

by on 06-12-2022 in The Woke-Free Blog

Turning Illegals Into Patriots?

Let's pull the old Judo-trick on the wokes and their plans for world subjugation. Use what they do to destroy us and turn it against them.

Their plan is to destroy national borders by encouraging endless waves of “refugees” or other entrants to overwhelm national populations, voting systems,social safety nets, and infrastructure so that national governments are no longer able to cope with the effects and finally collpase under their wright, allowing “world bodies” to take over and completely break down all national borders.

There once hidden agenda became clear as mud for everyone to see here in America when Obiden opened our borders wide to let in every mscreant you could think of, completely unchecked and un-vetted. Naturally, there will be lots of decent people among them as well, but that does not create an argument for open borders.

Obvious victims of this agenda, aside from all legal Americans and our culture and traditions, are the children of these invaders. FEE.org (Foundation for Economic Education) reports that one woman, Luma Mufleh, who is herself the child of a refugee family, took matters into her one hands and organized schools for refugee children so that their classmates in regular schools wouldn't bully them for being different, strange, or unable to understand English. https://fee.org/articles/welcome-to-america-how-one-education-entrepreneur-is-transforming-refugee-education/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020_FEEDaily The article leaves no clues whether Luma built these schools in order to turn these “immigrants” into patriots, but it does state that she used the Georgia state school-choice voucher system to fund her schools.

Why not use the same type of funding, wherever it exists, to turn these children into hard core American patriots?

Leaving criminal or worse elements aside, it is probably not too far-fetched of an assumption to believe that people who flee other countries to come to America do not want to see this country turn into a carbon-copy of the oppressive place they just fled. Naturally, Marxist infiltrators and insurrectionists want exactly that to happen, but we don't have to give them the benefit of their behind-the-scenes machinations.

A string of schools, organized and staffed by patriots who use the same resources Luma Mufleh used to build her schools, focusing their curricula on high-quality education that instills patriotic values in kids can have a major impact in that regard. It's not that easy and very expensive to deport these children. It would be much easier and far less expensive to turn them into upstanding American citizens, instead.

Teach them to be patriot entrepreneurs so they can build their own small businesses after they graduate and employ other Americans, thus building the Woke-Free Economy instead of destroying our country. How would that feel for a change?


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