THE PLAN to Save America

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Everybody wants to "save America", but do you have a plan? 

What we are ailing from and what is about to give freedom and America the final blow is best described in two words:

Communist infiltration.

Communism is a fully funded phenomenon. It is not spontaneous. It is not people driven. It is funded. Always has been.

So, who funds it today?

The Chinese Communist Party and the world's top corporations. You know - the ones you buy everything from almost every day.

We call them the "woke" corporations. If you want to know how vast and how deep their influence is, watch the symposium put on by Claremont Institute called "How to Deal with Woke Capital." I'll link to it at the bottom of this post, but first please read on.

We Cannot Wait for 'Others'

It's time to stop the hero worship. Nobody will save us if we don't act now. Not Trump, not "the military", not anyone. The military has become as woke as the corporations that run our politicians, courts, schools, and what used to be "civic" organizations. Trump is still out there fighting, but whether he wins or not is up to us and up to what we do, individually.

We need to, we must, defeat "woke capital." If their influence doesn't stop, if it isn't counteracted, they will win, we will lose.

The Plan:

You are staring at the plan. This web directory is the plan. Let me explain.

We must build a parallel economy, a woke-free economy, that sucks money out of the 'woke' economy and directs it into the patriot economy we are building.

I did the work to put the "infrastructure" together (I know this has become a dirty word).

We need to know what businesses around us are woke-free, and we need to patronize them while deliberately not patronizing the woke ones.

There are so many more of us patriots than there are of committed wokies. If you want to get a number, take Trump voters in the last election as a sample. 75 million by official count, 80 million by Mike Lindell's research.

Then add those who didn;t vote for Trump but who will defend their right to free speech. We don;t know their number, but you know there are many. Even leftist news outlets like Newsweek are fighting 'wokeness.'.

If we all start and continue to refuse to spend money in the woke economy and spend it on known patriot businesses in the woke-free, patriot economy, they dive and we will thrive.

They cannot operate in this country without our - so far unwitting - financial support.

They cannot survive the loss of over 1/3 of their customer base.

So far, nobody has been able to successfully boycott them because there was no visible alternative.

Now, there is - or soon will be. You are looking at it.

The Challenge

Now here is the challenge: this website is up and running, but it has no listings. You can't find anyone in your neighborhood, yet. How can you use it, then?

That's where you come in.

You are the hero who will save America. This is no exaggeration..

The success of this patriot directory depends on you. No one else. I will do what I can, but I can't do what you can do.

Only you know which of your friends and family are patriots.

Talk to them!

Tell them about this directory. Tell them about our plan.

Ask them if they know any - and I mean any - business owners who think like them. Then get them to list their business here.

Listing here is still free. Even Featured Listings (always on top in their category) are free because this directory needs to get filled out, and filled out quick!

Tell them to tell their friends to do the same.

There is no time to waste. We have none left. Do it now, and do it forevermore from now on.

The closet communists have no idea who they are messing with!

We will NOT submit to them. Ever!

This fight doesn't require arms. It doesn't require money. It doesn't require you to have any kind of position or official recognition, or certificate or title.

This is We the People rebelling against the communist revolutionaries - for what is communism if it isn't totalitarianism?

Actually, this is a new form of communism. It is fascist at its core. A tight combination of the top corporations and government, working together to enslave the People. That's us.

Capitalism, for them, communism for us. That is their plan.

But their plan is doomed.

They are working against their own playbook.

Their playbook says they have to rile up the masses to throw off the elites.

The problem is, they are the elites, and they don't want us to throw them off. They want us to fight against each other. That's why they divide us along these racial lines. It's all bullshit, and they know it.

And this time, we know it, too. That's why they  can't win if we act.

But if we don't act, they WILL win! Never forget that.

Defeating a communist-fascist cabal has never been so easy!

  1. Just talk to your patriot neighbors and friends.

  2. Tell them about this directory

  3. Tell them to list here if they have a business, no matter how small

  4. USE this directory every time you need to make a purchase. If you can't find what you need here yet, by all means, buy it from a woke business, but always check back here to see if you can't find here what you need first, and always talk to your friends - so we can grow.

:That is your power!

It's you and your friends.

It is people power. It is patriot power.

It is OUR power!

We are more than "them".

We already know we are at least 75 million Americans. Probably far more than that.

If the woke, communism-financing companies lose our business, they will fail - and so will communism, fascism, and all the other "isms" they can throw at us.

If we give our business to patriot companies, we will thrive.

But we can only do this if we have the alternative to them, and that alternative is this directory.

So go and build it! Defeat them! You can mess up all of their "plans" for us, even the best-laid ones.

Plans never survive contact with the enemy - but planning is invaluable. (Jeffrey Prather)

Now, you know our plan. Keep on planning your own counterattack as outlined above.

If you act, they will fail.

Always remember that.


Here is the link to the symposium on Woke Capital: 

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