It's the Economy, Stupid!

by BeWokeFree on 04-29-2021 in The Woke-Free Blog

"There cannot be a free political system without a free economy." - Calvin Coolidge, US President, 1923-29

It seems like the connmunists of Soviet Russia and later China understood President Coolidge better than Americans did. 

Let's face it. Our economy was hijacked by communist and fascist forces - and they managed to turn it against all freedom loving Americans. Their ideology is communist, and their practice is fascist. Remember Bill Clinton's "public-private partnerships"? That's the fascist part, and "woke" ideology is race-leveraged communism.

We never noticed, until it was too late.

But now, we know.

Donald Trump's presidency and the 2020 election have brought it all to the surface, for everyone to see who cares to look.

Chinese communists have infiltrated our top corporations, and they now control them.

They did this by forcing US corporations that wanted to do business in China to accept Chinese Communist Party members into their boardrooms as corporate executives.

What we got in return is the "woke" economy. It is marxist by ideology, and fascist by practice. 

The "way out" is not ttrying to vote ourselves out. We saw the result of that in 2020. Through the corporations (which inlcude legacy media, social media, entertainment, churches, banks, and municipal governments), Chinese communists have infiltrated every single aspect of American society, including voting machine and software manufacturers.

The way out is how, where, and why you spend your money. . 

Arch-communist Bill "It's the Economy, Stupid" Clinton undestood the message perfectly - to our detriment.

Now, we finally get it - and we back apply it back at them - to their detriment and to our benefit.

We buy from, sell to, and do business with only other patriots like us  whenever possible, draining the "woke" Marxo-fascist economy in the process and building our own. 

In the process (i.e., as a result, not as a primary cause) we build powerful patriot communities that can then betcome nearly impenetrable voting blocs designed to (a) get rid of voting machines, and (b) vote out anti-American (CCP influenced) politicians.

Picture this:

80 million actual Trump voters no longer spending their money pn woke corporations and their worthless products and services.

That's a quarter of the entire US population and over a third of the income-earning adults living in the US.

You are talking about serious spending power here.

Imagine that the woke corporations suddenly lose one third of their customers.

Are you a business owner? Could your business survive the sudden loss of one third of its customers?


Well, that's what will happen to the wokles when - not "if" - we get our rear-ends into gear.

This website, the, will be instrumental in bringing that situation about. 

You can be a part of this - or you can continue to spend your money on those who want to destroy America.

It's your choice.





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