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The swamp in DC is fed by the woke economic swamp. To our everlasting shame, We the People have fed and keep feeding both of them - but that also means we have the power to starve them. We now build our patriot fallback economy and feed only it.

Picture an America with a truly free economy.

An economy that is built on real wealth based on real money. 

Real wealth: You and I. Real money: gold, silver, crypto, or whatever we decide.

Not “them”.

An economy that favors small businesses over big ones, local distribution chains over national and international ones. 

An economy that values patriot companies over woke ones. Employers that don't harm their employees with jab and mask mandates

An economy that runs on real money, honest weights and measures, and American ingenuity, not communist conformity.

An economy that allows you to make your own decisions, where your employer doesn't follow you around the internet, and in which you can prosper and build your family on a single income if you so decide.

We have allowed “them” to run our economy for us for too long now. They rewarded us with a corrupted economy, controlled politicians, and an utterly depraved society.

They had their run now. Now, it's our turn!.

We have the power, and we have the tool.

This website is your tool.

How does it work?

There is only one way in which these woke mega corporations were able to become as powerful as they are.

They did it with your money. Yours and mine.

We thought they were just providing us with the products and services we wanted. So we bought them all.

Big mistake!

We thought they were making stuff in China just so we could buy it cheaper here than ever before.

An even bigger mistake.

But now we know better.

The year 2020 has literally given us “2020 vision" - economically and politically.

We can see in razor-sharp focus that our elections have been rigged since at least the year 2000.

We can see that American mega corporations are neither capitalist nor communist, but actually fascist.

It's Clinton's “public-private partnership.”

Fascism is the uncomfortably close collusion between corporations and government.

In other words, fascism means communism (poverty and tyranny) for us, and capitalism (riches and freedom) for "them."

Now we can see what their plans were all along.

They want to control us, and they want to eliminate most of us.

We now see very clearly that, even though the courts have nixed the federal government's vax mandates, the big woke megacorps are plowing right ahead with their own.

Now we know who was driving all of this from the beginning..

It was “them”, all along.

It's time for us to root them out.

We have the power, and we have the tool.

Our power is our money – as little as it may seem to be, compared to their untold wealth.

But now we know that their wealth comes from no one other than us. If we don't buy from them, they have nothing.

Who is “we”?

“We” are Americans who will defend freedom – and we are legion!

We are more than 100 million strong.

That's one-third of the US population.

Do you think “they” can survive without our money?

Do you think they can still buy politicians without our money?

Now you know how powerful you are.

Only you can make your buying decisions. No one else.

Not even “they”, with their mind-control slogans and subliminal selling techniques.

They can coax you, they can cajole you, they can trick you and psychologize you – but in the end, the decision where you spend your money is yours, and yours alone!

All you need is an alternative.

Patriot companies and small service providers who you know are woke-free.

This website is where you will find them.



Only you can decide that.

And if you want to be totally free – so be it. More power to you.

It is in your complete control.

This website is your tool.

I have built it for you, but only you can make it what it is destined to become.

Do you have a business? Even a really tiny one?

List it here.

Do you know any patriots who own a business … even a tiny one?

Ask them to list it here.

It's free.

With each business listed here, other patriots have an opportunity to spend their money on patriots, not on "paid idiots."

With each new business listed here and with every purchase you make from those businesses, you deprive the woke economy of money it desperately needs to survive.

Yes, they are that vulnerable.

With each dollar you spend on a business listed here, you invest in a free America and you free those businesses up to expand and invest their profits in themselves and in other patriot businesses.

Patriotism will be the growth industry.

Eventually, we can replace all those woke giants.

Patriotism will blossom and prosper.

Wokeism will fall into its own death spiral.

Even the CCP can't prop up woke corporations that you no longer buy from.

That's because the real power is yours. Not theirs.

This is not just so much talk. It's reality.

Test this reality so you are convinced it's true.

Without your support, nothing created by man can exist in this country. Think about it.

If you want to be effective in saving your country and freedom along with it? Start here.

Start now.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eliminate wokeism, communism, fascism, and any other form of totalitarianism from America.

We do it by rooting out the corporations that finance it all – and who until now have done so with your own money.

You are better and far more powerful than they are.

And now, you have this tool.

Make this tool your weapon and learn how to wield it with cunning, finesse, and absolute mastery.

If you do, they stand no chance against you.

Welcome, brother.

Welcome, sister.

Welcome, Patriot!