• FREEDOM ...… is your birthright. God gave it to you.
  • FREE SPEECH ...… is the linchpin of Freedom. The ‘woke’ corporations are taking it from you.
  • OUR ECONOMY ...… must be free of them – or they will always control us.
  • THE POWER ...… to achieve this is yours alone. No 'leader' can do this for you.
  • JOIN US ...… in building this Woke-Free Economy: for God, for America, for your Family - and your Freedom!
One Stop Capital


How do you drain a swamp? Simple. You stop flooding it with money.

Your money. 

Woke corporations feed the deep state, and they do it with our money. That's the bad news.

Here's the good news: if we stop buying from them, they go broke. Full stop.

No more bought-and-paid-for politicians. No more Marxist infiltrators. Instead, freedom and prosperity. With this website, you can make that happen!

What we fund, we can defund.

That means you can stop the deep state, cold! You don't need leaders for this. No money, special skills, or influence. All the power you need is already yours, and it's from God.

All you need is your decision and some follow-through.

And here is the best and most effective way to start: get your free "Get Off the Woke Grid" list. It gives you enough vetted companies to divert 50 to 80% of your monthly spending/saving/investing away from the wokels and into a growing, woke-free economy by patriots for patriots.

And there is no reason to stop there.

This website gives you all of the woke-free alternatives you can confidently spend your money on. If you own a business, even a tiny one, list it here. Together, we are building the woke-free economy and a woke-free country. In other words, we are rebuilding the true America.

Follow these 3 Steps to Free America from the 'Yoke of Woke':

  1. Switch your monthly budget over to the patriot sellers and service providers you find in our directory. You will instantly withhold thousand, even tens of thousands of dollars per year from the woke economy. 
  2. Register for free and we send you a free patriot "Get Off the Woke Grid" starter list of businesses to switch over to.
  3. Tell your patriot friends about us and ask them to do what you did. Patriots take action. Only losers whine.

We, the free speech-supporting patriots are well over 100 million strong. That's a very conservative number. Personally, I believe there are about 200 million of us. That's two-thirds of America.

Without our money, the woke can't survive. Their overhead is just too high.

With our money, the patriot, woke-free companies and the woke-free economy will thrive.

Boycott the woke, by them up when they're broke.

Freedom will finally reign supreme in America – more than ever before.

We Don't Need Funding

We are a truly grassroots movement. We need no funding, no leaders, no membership rolls, no dues, and no expensive advertising. We are free people.

We don't need laws passed to protect us. Everything we do is legal, moral, ethical, and non-violent. Self-defense is always lawful -- especially economic self-defense.

You are the driving power behind this. Without you, there is no “we.”

  • Only you can make your own decisions
  • Only you can decide where you spend your money.

You have more power than Donald Trump. He cannot decide what you buy and from whom. Only you can. That is your power

Our Founders knew this. They set our country up that way - and God is behind it all.

Pray for us. Pray for America to become what the Founders wanted her to be. Pray for deliverance from the wokesters' nightmarish evil. Christ is Lord.

Pray … and then act!

Welcome to the Future of America.

There is no better way to explain what we are doing than the sermon of Pastor Tim Sheets of Oasis Church. It's called ...

The Day of Reckoning is at Hand

Day of reckoning, come.

Those who have desecrated our covenants with God must go.

Those who call evil good or good evil, you must go. You cannot overrule us.

Those who compete with God, disregarding His Word, saying their ways are better, you must go in Jesus’ Name.
You will utterly and completely fail. You will be replaced.

Those who desecrate what is holy, what is sacred, you must go.

Those who distort the identity of who God is, you must go. We forbid you to rule over us. You will be replaced.

Those who have polluted this nation with Baal’s doctrine — be anathema! Become detested and replaced.

Those weighed on God’s scales and found wanting, you must go. The Kingdom of Heaven is against you. The angels of Heaven are against you.

We forbid you to do business among us.

What was stolen from God’s house and God’s people must be returned, and those who stole it cannot lead us.

Anyone who God says doesn’t measure up must go. We forbid your rule.

God will snatch power from Baal leaders and give it to whom He chooses.

Those who toasted Baal in departments and systems all over this nation will now see the writing on the wall. Enough! Enough! Enough!
The hand of God will now interrupt your parties.

Babbling, confusion, and panic is coming to Baal’s leaders.

Dominoes will fall. Files will be found and opened, exposing evil. An avalanche Christ Himself will start.
Knees are about to knock as their wickedness is exposed.

America will re-connect to its covenant roots. They will produce the righteousness that exalts a nation again.

America shall be saved!



Woke Free Economy Business Directory

This website is your tool. We built it for you, but only you can make it what it is destined to become.

  • Do you have a business, even a really tiny one? List it here!
  • Do you know any patriots who own a business … even a tiny one? Ask them to list it here
  • Post about us on "Trump Social", on Gab, on Gettr, and wherever else you post.
  • Pass us on to your favorite online show or podcast. Ask them to interview us. We need publicity. WE DO NOT ADVERTISE ON WOKE MEDIA.

With each business listed here, other patriots have yet another opportunity to spend their money on actual patriots - not on paid idiots. 
With each new business listed here and with every purchase you make from those businesses, you deprive the woke economy of money it desperately needs to survive.

Yes, they are that vulnerable!

With each dollar you spend on a business listed here, you invest in a free America and you free those businesses up to expand and invest their profits in themselves and in other patriot businesses.

Yes, you can do this!!