Woke corporations feed the deep state with our money. That's the bad news. The good news is that If we stop buying from them, they go broke. With this website you can make that happen!

What we fund, we can defund.

That means you can stop the deep state, cold! You don't need leaders for this. No money, special skills, or influence. All the power you need is already yours, and it's from God.

All you need is your decision and some follow-trough.

This website gives you the woke-free alternatives to spend your money on. Together, we are building the woke-free economy and the woke-free state.

Follow these 3 steps to free America from wokeness:

1. Find small businesses in your neighborhood and ask them to take out a listing here. That will soon give them access to over 100 million patriot customers they didn't have before.

2. If you support any patriot organization, movement, statesman, or news source, ask them to do the same.

3. Tell your patriot friends about us and ask them to do what you do.

We are well over 100 million strong. That's a very conservative number.

Without our money the 'wokes' can't survive. Their overhead is just too high.

With our money, the woke-free companies and economy will thrive. Then we can “buy up the woke when they're broke” and protect all those jobs they provide.

Freedom will finally reign supreme in America – more than ever before.

We are a self-driving movement. We need no leaders, no membership rolls, no dues, no funding, and no advertising.

We don't need laws passed to protect us. Everything we do is lawful, moral, ethical, and non-violent. Self defense is lawful - especially economic self defense.

You are the driving power behind this. Without you, there is no “we.”

- Only you can make your decisions.

- Only you can decide where you spend your money.

You have more power than even Donald Trump. He cannot decide where you spend your money. Only you can. That is your power - and it comes from God.

Our Founders knew this. They set our country up that way, and God is behind all of it.

Pray for us. Pray for America to become the way the Founders intended her to be.

Pray for deliverance from the wokesters' evil.

Pray … and act!

Welcome to the Future of America.