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Frequently Asked Questions
The Woke-Free Economy kicks everything 'woke' out of our economy and government.  Woke corporations fund all anti-American movements, organizations, and causes, election fraud and censorship. We are cutting them off at the knees by no longer spending money on them while building our own free economy the way WE want it. We are the people!
It lets you and me understand the indisputable fact that you and I have more power than any so-called “leader.” It gives us a vision and an effortless way to achieve it instead of just hoping and wishing that somebody else will “do something.”
We, Americans who love God, love our country and our families are still the majority. That has never changed. We were fractured by media and entertainment lies from the same corporations that try to control us, but now, right here, we find each other.

Let's say we are “only” 100 million strong, or slightly under one third of Americans. If we simply stop buying what the woke mega corps offer and spend our money on patriot companies, nothing woke will survive in this country. The woke will literally go broke.

By the time they do not have money, our patriot economy will boom. That will allow us to will buy them up, Elon-style, for pennies on the dollar and take them private. The Soroses, the Black Rocks and the Vanguards of the world will no longer be able to take them over. In fact, Black Rock and Vanguard themselves will fail and fall into patriot hands.

“Boycott the 'woke', buy them out when they're broke!

This is not only possible, but also inevitable. They can do nothing about it. What we do is legal, ethical, moral, and non-violent. “Against such things, there is no law.” - Galatians 5:23
“Woke” means fascist with a Marxist bend. Big corporations control the levers of government power with their money and influence. The result is fascism. At the same time, they control their worker masses with socialist ideology to keep them submissive. That is Marxism.

They do the bidding of communist China because they want the CCP's permission to keep producing goods cheaply in China so they can make more profit when they sell them to us over here. That is how America lost her industrial base.

Woke or not, global corps have no respect for national sovereignty. Different taxing jurisdictions make their global business ventures a nightmare. That's why they lobby and bribes politicians to undermine American sovereignty and our freedom.

In practical effect, all global corporations are woke, There are no exceptions.
President Calvin Coolidge said, “there can be no political freedom without a free economy.” He was right. Woke corporate CEOs are controlling our politicians with their campaign bribes and promises of cushy jobs after they lose their seats.

Woke corporations control our media, entertainment industry, travel industry, education, military, and medical/scientific research. They want worker-subjects without a will of their own. They cannot control responsible and well-informed citizens. That's why they attack our freedom of speech and especially free will.
We are the majority, but we don't know how to find each other. With this directory, we do.

Without our money, the 'wokes' can't survive. This directory allows lets you direct your daily spending away from them and toward patriot-owned businesses. If you and I do this, the result is inevitable. We will buy them up for a pittance. Elon-style.
If you are a patriot and own a business – any business – you can soon reach up to a hundred million other patriots by advertising here. To effectively boycott the woke corporations, we need patriot alternatives like you. We will flock to you!
Anyone who supports the idea of free speech and is willing to defend it is a patriot, regardless of religious, political, or other orientation.

As long as different opinions are respected among all without government, media, employer, and university censorship, we can publicly iron out our disagreements. The best argument always wins.
This is a patriot-driven project. We intentionally avoid using the woke major media to advertise.

All of the power in this country resides in you, individually. Without you, there is no “we.” Only you can tell your patriot friends and neighbors about this massive, building movement. Only you can build it.

This site is not a service. It is a challenge! Do you love your country? How much do you want to save it? If you help drive this movement, you will save America. There is no doubt about it.
All you need to do is these three things – repeatedly:
  1. Tell your friends and neighbors about the Woke Free Economy. Encourage them to list their business here if they run one and ask them to do the same with their patriot friends and neighbors.
  2. Check this site every time you want to buy something to see if you can buy it from a patriot. Resolve to only buy from, sell to, and do business with other patriots. Forget “savings”. Forget “deals”. Do not make a “deal” with the devil.
If you have any connections to groups, organizations, or patriot opinion-makers, ask them to let us speak to their members, listeners, and viewers. We do this the organic, grass roots way so we can never be co-opted or controlled by our enemy.
Nothing Good
What we do here is legal, moral, ethical, and non-violent. There is no law against us. No one will picket your home if you go woke-free.
Regular listings will never cost more than $3.00 to $5.00 per month. Featured listings (always on top in your category) are $15.00 a month. Simply using this site to find patriot businesses is always free.
Yes, absolutely.
Yes. Here is where you will find your voters. If you help us grow, you will win!
You will live under a global, fascist-communist dictatorship. Your rights and your freedom will be gone. But don't worry … you'll be “happy.”
The woke corporations that oppress us will lose their grip on America. All their “funding” and bribing power (which only comes from us buying their stuff) will be gone.

Your school, town, county, state, and federal officials will listen to you because the woke’s cannot bribe them anymore. You and America will be freer than you have ever been.