Get off the Woke Grid!

Are you still frying on the woke grid?

Just turn off the gas..

You are the one who gives the deep-state supporting woke corporations their money - so you an stop doing it.

Have you ever thought about keeping your money away from them in a way that really counts? If you have, but never quite knew how to start, please keep reading. You can finally go 'Full Patriot' now, and doing it doesn't cost you a thing.

You and your patriot friends can simply get off the woke companies' silly and CRT-peddling economic grid.


  • Do you use household goods like toothpaste, shampoo, etc? Who are you buying them from?
  • How about health supplements and shakes?
  • Cell phone service?
  • Do you have a mortgage? Who are you paying it to?
  • Do you order online?
  • Wear clothes?
  • Watch movies?
  • Invest your savings?
  • Does your business take credit cards? WHo is your payment processor?
  • Do you want to work for a patriot employer?

If you do any of these things, you are giving thousands of dollars, maybe tens of thousands, each year to the woke conglomerates that fund tyrants in America and around the world.

Today, you can redirect most of this money. It's money you have to spend anyway, just to live. You can simply take it away from these arrogant, BLM-supporting, CRT-pushing mega-corps and support purely patriot-run companies whose owners actually love America.

You can find links to accomplish that and more below. They are our gift to you. You pay nothing for switching, and there are no strings attached. It's the beginning of the woke-free revolution, and you can join it right now.

You and millions of patriots can bring this fake woke economy to its knees while building the parallel patriot economy. You can finally put your money where you heart is - and it all runs on autopilot once you set it up.

This is completely legal, moral, ethical, and there is no violence involved. As the Bible says: “Against such things, there is no law.”

For patriots and America, there is no downside to this, only upside.

And it feels so good to do this. You feel cleaner, somehow … lighter, … freer. You take deeper breaths. You walk taller, you smile more, and you can see the country you love starting to prosper again. You can rest secure in knowing that your money will not end up supporting leftist or RINO politicians and causes.

Try it, right now, and if you don't like it, feel free to switch back to supporting the deep state that hates you and everything you are about.

Every company or organization we link you to has been vetted by us. They exist to serve patriots like you. If you ever feel they are mistreating you because of what you believe, say, and do, let us know and we'll take them off the list.


Here are your  “get-rid-of-the-woke-grid” links:

1. Household goods (almost everything you use at home): Visit

2. Mortgage broker: Visit

3. Mobile Service: Visit

4. Food at your Grocery Store: Visit and

5. Crypto-Gold Curreny: Visit

6. Investments/Asset Management: visit and (Beware: investing is always risky. Results are never guaranteed)

7. Godly Entertainment: Visit

8. Christian Crowdfunding: Visit

9. Pillows and Slippers: Visit

10. Woke-Free Chamber of Commerce: visit

11. Credit card processing: Visit

12. Hunting & Outdoors: Visit

13. Remodeling your home? Home Depot has surprisingly shut down employee's attempts to organize in support of BLM. Tell them “thanks”. Visit

14. Patriot Doctor (in Houston, TX): Visit (A tip: also, research “Direct Primary Care Physicians” online in your area to avoid giving your money to ultra-woke health insurance companies who force their employees to get the death-jab.)

15. Job searching? Visit

16. If you own a business, any business, even if it's just “you and yourself”, list it in the directory and market to tens of millions of patriot customers. The faster we grow, he faster the deep state will die.

I hope you join us there and help us Make America Free Again.

Thank you, Patriot!

In God We Trust,

Alex Wallenwein, Owner