What is the 'Woke-Free Economy' directory?

The Woke Free Economy is an online business directory for patriots. It is fast becoming the foundation upon which an alternate and free economy that is not controlled by leftist mega corporations is being built. 

What does "woke" mean? 

'Woke" corporations have succumbed to Marxist ideology while operating as fascist entities. "Fascist" does not mean "right-wing". In truth, fascism is characterized by dangerously close cooperation between business corporations and government. 

How does the Woke-Free Economy directory work?

The directory allows woke-free, patriot business owners to advertise to what will amount to 100 million American patriot users. As patriots begin to spend their money on woke-free businesses, they will help build up the new, alternative, patriot-owned, and free economy at the expense of the 'old' economy that is controlled by 'woke' mega-corporations.

What do you mean by "patriot"?

Anyone who supports the idea of free speech and is willing to defend it is a patriot, regardless of political orientation.

What does 'woke" mean?

"Wokism" is a combination of Marxism and Fascism dressed up in social justice warrior garb. The uncomfortably close cooperation between major corporations and government is the hallmark of Fascism. The ideological underpinnings of this "joint venture" are Marxist. They try to justify their existence and "win the hearts and minds" of the people by posing as social justice warriors, pretending to fight "systemic racism." But patriots aren't buying it. 

I see no patriot business listings in my area yet; what good is this directory to me?

This is a patriot-driven project. We intentionally avoid using the woke major media to advertise/market this website. In truth, all of the economic and political power in this country resides in you, individually. Only you can tell your patriot friends and neighbors about this project. Only you can help us build it. This site is not a 'service'. It is a challenge. How much do you love your country? How badly do you want to save it? If you promote this site to your friends, neighbors, and associates, you will see more listings and save America. If you don't, ...you won't. 

What Can I Do to Help?

You can do three things: (1) Tell your friends and neighbors about the Woke Free Economy, encourage them to list their business if they run one, and encourage their patriot friends and neighbors to do the same. (2) Check this site every time you want to buy something to see if you can buy it from a patriot. (3) From now on, resolve to buy from, sell to, and do business with only other patriots, whenever possible.

What will happen if I promote this site to my patriot friends and neighbors?

The woke corporations that oppress us will lose up to one-third of their US customers. The patriot economy will thrive and flourish. The woke will go broke. We will be free.

What will happen if I do not promote this site?


What are the risks of listing my business here?

You will risk either $3 per month for a regular listing, or $10 per month for a featured listing. That is all. 

What are the risks of not listing my business here?

The woke companies will continue to boss you around, control the economy, and run your elected representatives like pimps run their whores. In other words, you will soon live in the United Soviets of America. Very soon.

How much do listings cost?

See the question about risks above. At this point, listings are still free. When we start charging, they will never cost more than $3/mo. for regular listings and $10/mo. for featured listings. That is our promise to you.

Can I list my patriot organization here?


I am running for office. Can I use this site to drive my campaign?

If you are a patriot, yes. Direct all of your constituents to this site. Here, they will find patriot businesses in their neighborhoods to buy from. These businesses will become networking hubs for your constituents, and your constituents will help these businesses prosper, which in turn will make them all want to help you win your election(s).

How will me spending my money on patriot businesses help to bankrupt woke corporations?

You are not alone. There are about 100 million patriots in this country. That's about half of the adult population and about a third of the total number of consumers in this country. If all patriots promote this directory, the woke companies will lose one-third of their customers - and they will never get them back. No business can survive that.

How will defeating the woke corporations free our captive institutions?

Woke corporations control our economy and most politicians from both major parties. They supply the manpower (the administrative talent) for the deep state. This is how they infiltrated all of our major institutions. Their massive political spending enslaves our representatives to their Marxist cause. Their control is now nearly complete. When we defeat them, these control mechanisms will default back to We the People.

What made our corporations "woke"?

They were lured into producing their goods in communist China at slave-labor wage costs so they could make bigger profits when they sell their goods to us in the US. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) requires these corporations to let CCP officials into their boardrooms as a condition for using Chinese labor. At the same time, Marxist ideology has taken over our education system, resulting in a "woke" workforce in these corporations. Pressure from above, pressure from below. Few corporate CEOs can resist that pressure, so they become "woke" as well, often just to stay in power.

What if all of this doesn't work? What will happen?

You will live under a global communist-fascist dictatorship. Your rights and your freedom will be gone.

What will happen if all of this does work?

America as you remember her will rise again and continue to exist. American products will again be made in America or at least not in communist China. The American economy will again become more localized instead of centralized. and so will be more resilient to supply shocks. New payment systems will arise that will compete with the woke banking and federal reserve system. Patriot investment capital will be freed up to fund patriot ventures we cannot even dream of yet. Politicians will again feel pressure to serve "You the People" rather than "they the corporations". Our institutions )like government, courts, educations, military, economy) will again serve middle America, not woke corporations. Freedom will bloom everywhere.