Help Save America!

A woke-free economy means a woke-free America - and that means a free America.

We don't need to outspend the woke mega corporations to defeat their anti-freedom agenda. but we do need your help.

There are three ways to help.

Donate Your Time:

Help us promote this patriot directory so it becomes a houshold name in America. We intentionally do not advertise on woke media, but you can help by spreading our news to every patriot you know. Invest your time in your freedom. If you are a web designer and know php, you can contribute your expertise and maybe some time. 

Donate Money:

Help us with operating funds. If your time is too valuable, you may be able to support our work financially. We appreciate any amount, no matter hwo small or big. We have very few expenses, so our demand for funds is low compared to the size of the task we picked for ourselves. Again, any amount is highly appreciated.

Become a Partner:

If you are influential, have a large list of followers, run a patriot news organization, a church, or a political campaign at the state or federal level, partner up with us. Once we start charging our very small monthly listing fees, this directory will be very lucrative. We do not intend to keep all of the money. Freedom is a combined effort. Email us at if you want a copy of our partnership proposal. 

We need very little. We need is to improve this site and promote it. If you can help with that, please email "". If your time is tight but you have funds you want to donate, please consider donating to our "GiveSendGo". a Christian crowd funding website.