Why Black People Should Be Anti-Woke

by BeWokeFree on 05-04-2022 in The Woke-Free Blog

Abortion is big in the news these days because of the Supreme Court leak to Politico. Someone working at the court likely stole a draft opinion from Justice Alito that would have overturned Roe v. Wade if the rest of the court agreed, and then leaked it to a friend who passed it on to Politico.

So what does that have to do with black people? Simple. Black babies have always borne the brunt of the violence perpetrated by the abortion industry. 

That should not be a surprise, because Margaret Saenger, the ideological founder of the industry, promoted abortion with the specific and open aim of reducing the black population of the United States. 

If that is news to you, if you have never heard of that fact, a little online research will quickly reveal it to you. Check it out.

So why do you not know about this?

There are powerful entities that operate in broad daylight who happen to be major funders of “the industry.” Those who run these entities, in turn, are also players in the boardrooms of the major media corporations – and they block all news they don't want you to find.

So who are these shadowy entities we are talking about? They are America’s major business corporations - and they are all ‘woke’, or just about all of them. Here is a link to a list of those who specifically fund abortion:  https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2016/10/11/37-companies-directly-fund-planned-parenthood/ 

But wait, doesn’t them being ‘woke’ mean they support social justice causes? Doesn’t that mean they are against racism, for example? Well, if they are helping to fund the abortion industry and that industry is known to kill primarily black babies, how anti-racist does that really make them?

“Watch what they do, don’t listen to what they say” is always good advice. Another piece of good advice is “follow the money.” If you follow both of these maxims, they lead you to exactly who these companies really are: the abusers of mankind.

Back in the day, corporations' powers were strictly limited to their original business purpose. That was called the doctrine of “ultra vires”. They were not allowed to do anything that was outside their specific corporate charter … kind of like the power of the federal government used to be strictly limited.

But then that all changed when the corporations figured out they could bribe politicians and supreme court justices to change their views and give them more power, and that power came at the expense of (drum roll) you and me.

Believe me, corporate CEO'a don't give a rodent's derriere about black people, white people, or just about any other kind of people, except themselves and their own kind. They already have all the money they could want, so now their new thing is power – and in order to get that, they are willing to give up a lot of their money and even share value of the companies they run.

They control our birth rates, as well our educational, informational, entertainment, spiritual and political processes. They used to so that from behind the scenes, but nowadays they feel so emboldened that they shoving their machinations right into your face.

One example: read the Times Magazine article on how they all colluded to protect “democracy” from Donald Trump. Hint: whenever they say “democracy”, they mean all- out and increasingly complete societal control over everyone's thoughts and actions.

Another example: watch how a full one hundred of them came out with a centerfold ad decrying an election-integrity law the state Georgia passed in early 2021. How is that their business?

If they can use words like “racism” or “social equity” to turn brother against brother in order to increase their own power, so be it. Not a problem to them.

But they are our problem.

In short, they want our free will. They want to do away with it. Completely. They also want to do away with about 90 percent of humanity because, after all, we are too many and we're just useless eaters to them.

Their idea of 'social equity' is this: all races ,,, equally dead.

And that is why black people should fight them. Because it's never really been about different races. It's only about one race. The human race. And they have set themselves against it.

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