The WFE Effect: More Power to You

by on 05-08-2022 in The Woke-Free Blog

America was designed to be built from the ground up. It was never meant to be top-down.

Unfortunately, we and our forbears have all defaulted on that promise, but it's in our power to change that, right now.

The Founders didn't just give us the right to vote. They gave us everything. Correction: they passed everything on to us. It didn't come from them. It came from God, and they just reminded us.

Looks like we need another reminder. Here it is:

The whole earth belongs to us; not to “them.”

God told us to go out and take dominion over it and subdue it. He did not say that to our so-called “leaders.” He said it to us.

Here is the real line of authority in the world:


We (People)

“Leaders” and institutions


We decide, They carry out what we want – or else.

We just forgot about the “or else” part.

We literally let them take over our house, drink our best wine and screw the maid. Sorry for being crass.

We attached no consequences to that sort of behavior, so they literally got away with murder, for ages now.

Our power to vote one group of them out of office holds no terror for them. They know that incumbents have an 85% chance of staying in office, statistically speaking.

And while they are in office, they are corrupted and controlled by another group – another one that rules by virtue of our default.

They are the CEO's and board members of the 'woke' mega-corporations.

They're all woke.

If they're big, they're woke.

They turned “We the People” into “We the Corporations”.

They control our politicians - and us through them.

But we have powers they cannot even imagine. Powers God himself gave us by virtue the way He arranged things in the days of Creation.

One of those many powers - and in the case of the corporations the most powerful one - is in our wallet. The so-called “power of the purse”.

Congress doesn't hold it. The Federal Reserve doesn't hold it. The Rothschilds don't hold it. The corporations don't hold it. WE do!

You and I hold that power, right now, as we stand and sit here.

There is nothing in those institutions' coffers and purses that doesn't come from us.

And THAT is our real power.

It's basic. Very basic – and very real.

If we withhold our money and spend it on us, the patriots and our businesses, not them the corporations, then they collapse - and we boom.

And then we can pick them all up for next to nothing, like dirt on the road.

That is what we need to do, and the Woke-Free Economy is our way to do it.

Turn Biden's slogan back on him. We tear it (the woke system) all down, and then “build back better.”

Our way.

The American way.

God's way.

That is your power!

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