The War on Food is War on You

by on 07-24-2021 in The Woke-Free Blog

Covid is waaay on its way out the door. What is coming in through that door now are experimental mRNA treatment consequences. So-called "vaccines" are making peiople sick, but of course the dark forces of government, media, and co-opted science are blaming the "delta variant".

Food workers in the UK are forced to "quarantene in place" (stay home from work") and supermarket shelves are quickly depleted.

In Vietnam, fresh food open markets are foced to stop selling fresh vegetables, seafood and meat, causing mile-long (literally) lines at the very few, far in-between, and woefully understocked grocery stores. In Vietnam, about 80 to 90 ercent of a household's food comes from the fresh markets. 

This is government warring against the people. The only way to combat this is to tell wayward governments where they can stick it and go about your daily lives as you see fit. Their cures are always worse than the disease - especially when there is no real disease. To this day, no scientist has properly isolated the alleged virus under the so-called Koch-RIvers postulates. They still do not know the actual genome of this thing, if it even exists. Instead, whatever genome they claim to use is a computer model based on DNA strand fragments, not a complete virus.



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