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Can a so farl globally dominant country whose number-one defense contractor has contracted the disease of wokism, thereby playing into the hands of that country's worst foreign enemy continue to lead?

According to Christopher J. Rufo, an independent journalist, about a year ago US defense contractor Raytheon's CEO, Greg Hayes, began to shine with such racist gems as asking "white employees to deconstruct their identities and 'identify [their] privilege.' The company argues that white, straight, Christian men are at the top of the oppression hierarchy—and must work on 'recognizing [their] privilege' and 'step aside' for minorities."

That, of course, is nothing but another instance of woke US corporate CEO's asking their employees to "think Marx" - because what is known as "critical race theory" is nothing more than that: Marxist ideology designed to foment "race struggle" instead of the former focus on "class struggle", all in order to bring about the communist nightmare-utopia of a culturally disemboweled society, you know ... because gutless societies are so much more convenient to take over.

The problem is that prime defense contractor companies cannot easily be boycotted because you and I are not their customers. Governments are, and under the current one, don't hold your breath for any swift (or any) corrective action.

Ordinary Americans have shown remarkable resilience and steadfastness in bringing about election integrity audits in their respective states and seeing them through to conclusion, but such grass roots action shows little promise in trying to bring a woke defense contractor back into the patriotic fold.

Very possibly, Raytheon has been promised more wars by Xi Zheng Ping than by any previous US administration, and wars are obviously very lucrative for prime defense contractors. Mega-corporate harlots by nature do not have any lasting ties of allegiance to their countries of origin, even if such former ties, if they ever existed, have helped them to the pinnacle of weapons-manufacturing success.

There may be no immediate grassroots-amenable cure for this disease, but in times where the country's government is led further and further astray by an enemy-beholden and enemy-enabled administration, such a cure becomes more necessary than ever.

What can be done about this problem?

America has a long history of citizens relying on their leaders to make things right for them, and that is very likely the main reason why we are in this pickle. Leaders can easily be bought off, as we now all know, so writing to your Congressman or "going to the polls" does not hold a lot of promise when companies like Betraytheon and their ideological corporate comrades write the checks that fund these politicians' reelection campaigns.

In front of that kind of corpo-political backdrop, it is unlikely that electing 'better leaders' will bring about the desired result. Woke corporations supply the "administrative talent" for deep state management positions. They finance politicians' election and reelection campaigns. They currently utterly control the upper echelons of our economy, and therefore also smaller feeder companies that make the raw material they use in their manufacturing or service-providing processes.

There is only one power that controls them all. Well, let's rephrase that. There is a power that could control them all and it could not only reign them back in, but could completely destroy them altogether, quite easily, without much of an effort, without violence, and without bloodshed.

The only problem is that this power has been hypnotized into believing that it is completely and utterly controlled and has been check-mated.

All that power needs is someone to wake it up and remind it of who and what it is and what it can do.

Kind of like the character of Neo in the cult movie "The Matrix", waking up the human batteries that unwittingly power the ruling-class bots.

In this country, the host country of Raytheon, the ultimate "power of the purse" does not belong to the Congress. It belongs to the people - in their individual capacity

Yes, money makes the world go 'round - and he who knows how, when, where and why to spend it tells this fallen world which way to turn.

Even the largest corporations of the world and the governments they have learned how to run like puppets are absolutely powerless without the people spending their money on them. In fact, they would not exist.

If money makes the world go 'round, it also makes the corporations dance to the spender's fiddle. The spender just needs to wake up for a while, shake off the cobwebs, and remember how to play his fiddle.

The sheet music was written over two centuries ago. The tune s called 'Freedom" and it is written on the parchment of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and, surprisingly, the fiddle, the instrument to play it on is none other than money. Any money. Even today's worthless paper and computer blip money.

The corporations may spend their money on funding Marxist rhetoric, organizations, causes, and politicians, but before it ever becomes 'their' money it is ours, and we decide where to spend it. That's why our Constitution starts with that precise word:

We ...

(and the next two words of that document are just as instructive):

... the People.

All we need is a known set of alternative, woke-free, patriot-led businesses to spend our money on so we can deny it to the 'wokes' and bestow it on patriotic companies to build a brand new, separate, alternate, and most of all free economy.

And that, my friends, is being built right now. After that, it's check-mate for woke corporate tyranny.

Alex Wallenwein


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