by BeWokeFree on 07-21-2021 10:59PM in The Woke-Free Blog

Raytheon, America's prime defense contractor, has betrayed its home country by going 'full woke'.

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by on 07-05-2021 01:48PM in The Woke-Free Blog

The woke economy is today's Babylon. We must 'come out of her' if we are to survive as a nation.

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Facts Are Stubborn Things

by Conservative Creative on 06-21-2021 08:35AM in The Woke-Free Blog

Here's one of my Ultra Suede Decorative Pillows. Put it in their face, but in a nice way, and you don't even have to say it out loud. I can think of some people this would be a great gift for! If you want a larger size, just shoot me a message on my site and I will get back to you.

Thank You for visiting. Come back soon!

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THE PLAN to Save America

by on 05-22-2021 07:51AM in The Woke-Free Blog

Everybody wants to "save America", but do you have a plan? A plan that doesn't depend on "someone else doing something"? Here is the plan:

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Woke Military Disciplines Anti-Marx Officer

by on 05-16-2021 09:58PM in The Woke-Free Blog

According to our military brass, criticizing Marxism and 'critical race theory' is now a "partisan political activity" and can subject a member to discipline.

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